March 3rd, 2022

Choose the right team for the job – 6 key aspects to consider when evaluating quotes

When faced with a selection of quotations, it can be hard to know which maintenance partner to select. It is not enough to review the price; often you’ll need to delve deeper and consider the fine print. You’ll need to take into account the potential provider’s safety approach in conjunction with a clearly outlined scope of work, planned timeframes, and previous experience. Here is what you should consider when evaluating contractors and their quotes.

Choose the right team for the job - 6 key aspects to consider when evaluating quotes

A clear scope of work

A clear scope of work is necessary to outline exactly what needs to be accomplished. It helps to provide a fair comparison between contractors as costs will be quoted in accordance with these.

Strata managers can outline this scope of work themselves, or work with a property maintenance expert to devise this so that the scope is sufficiently detailed.

Evaluating Quotes and reading the fine print

Ensure quotes clearly outline work to be undertaken in line with the provided scope of work. Take into consideration all inclusions and exclusions to ascertain if there will be hidden costs and variations required in the future to achieve the desired scope and outcome.

Properly planned maintenance

It is crucial that all maintenance providers up for your consideration are able to demonstrate well-considered, methodological and proven approaches to maintenance. If maintenance extends over the long term, understand exactly what ‘regular maintenance’ encompasses. What works will be carried out, and when. Is there flexibility to adjust this, or are you tied down? A flexible long-term plan will ensure your maintenance initiatives are always relevant. Such ongoing maintenance will help reduce replacement costs and extend asset lifespan.

Completion timeframes

Small-scale companies may sometimes be able to provide lower costs; however, this generally comes at the expense of longer timeframes. Opting for a larger maintenance company, with a more significant workforce and equipment inventory can offer safer and faster completion of your projects. This can also work to minimise disruption to tenants and residents for a more effective outcome.

Safety – cheaper is not always better

It is important to note that both the strata company and maintenance provider have equal liability if something were to go wrong. Having adequate insurance is what you should expect as a minimum from the maintenance provider; you also want to ensure they have high safety standards. For example, ensuring they adhere to strict safety protocols, especially when working at heights, is critical. Failing to do so can be more detrimental to the strata manager, the site and potentially, the overall financial situation in the long run.


It is essential to ensure you are working with credible contractors to carry out the work. Experience and credibility in the industry can provide a good indication of the standard of service to expect.

Taking the time to evaluate contractors thoroughly can make all the difference in a successful completion. By considering the scope of the project and delivery timeframes, it will help with timely execution. Well-planned maintenance will also minimise cost-blowouts which allow for long-term feasibility. Choosing the right contracting partner increases the likelihood of successful maintenance outcomes now and in the future.

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