Servicing the Gold Coast for over 20 years.

Established in 1951, Programmed is Australia and New Zealand’s leading operations and maintenance service provider, with over 100 branches in key metropolitan and regional areas across both nations. Our Gold Coast branch combines the twin strengths of local expertise and strong national support. This enables us to provide comprehensive customised solutions to meet any operational or maintenance need.

The importance of local knowledge cannot be overemphasised. Programmed is a national company that employs – and delivers – locally.

We are one of Australia’s largest employers with more than 25,000 employees and operate with a key focus on our core values: Personal Safety leadership, Care and Empathy, Customer Service, and Diversity, Inclusion and Equality. Our purpose is to build outstanding people, strong customers and great communities.

We partner with our customers, choosing to work alongside them for the long-term over short-term gains. In industries ranging from education, business services, retail and commercial to retirement living, aged care, health, government, tourism and more, we have tailored solutions to meet their individual requirements. Location is no barrier due to our large geographic footprint, with metro and regional offices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Safety is paramount to all our people. Not only do they work safely, but they also proactively contribute to safer workplaces.

We put together teams of the right people with the right skills to deliver the maintenance services required from our large customer base. We manage people effectively in full compliance with the law and with high levels of employee engagement in an increasingly regulated environment, and we deliver operational improvements, flexibility and high levels of satisfaction to our customers.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to build outstanding people, strong customers and great communities.

Our Values

Personal Safety Leadership

We display personal safety leadership each and every day. We believe all injuries are preventable. We act to ensure the health, safety and environmental wellbeing of our customers, the public and ourselves.

Care and Empathy

We show care and empathy for the people around us; our employees, customers and the communities we work in. We respect everyone’s contribution by working together to achieve common goals and project outcomes. We believe that everyone comes to work wanting to do a great job. We are prepared to ask “R U OK?” if our colleagues are performing differently.

Customer Service

Our people display what we like to call good old-fashioned customer service. We imagine how we would like to be served, if we were the customer. We do what we say we are going to do.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

We seek a workforce that is representative of the communities we work in. We strive for a team that reflects a diverse society in consideration of culture, gender, age, sexual orientation and abilities. We recognise the value and importance of attracting, engaging and retaining employees with different backgrounds, experience and perspectives. We aim to create a safe and inclusive environment, where people are treated equally and are free of all forms of discrimination.

Our core values provide a behavioural framework for all employees, across all divisions, at all times.

Our Values

Part of the wider Programmed Group

Programmed now employs more than 20,000 people each day across a range of disciplines providing services to over 10,000 customers, and is one of the largest providers of operations and maintenance services across Australia and New Zealand.

We’ve grown as a result of a number of acquisitions over the years, and each service offering we provide has a rich history which contributes to the overall Programmed journey. We’re proud of our roots and achievements to date. From a small painting company founded 68 years ago, we have become a leader in our field. Programmed was acquired by PERSOL Group on 27 October 2017.