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November 18th, 2020

The Outsourcing Revolution

Outsourcing is no longer just about cost-savings; it can also increase productivity and competitiveness. By outsourcing non-key activities to a credible supplier, it can allow you to focus on key business priorities. Whether it be in the education, retirement living, or facilities management sector, outsourcing your property maintenance can help your organisation succeed.

What can be outsourced

No matter the sector, it is essential to focus on key business priorities, such as day-to-day operations instead of focusing on unfamiliar tasks that involve legislative and compliance requirements. For schools and higher education facilities, this may mean curriculum planning and student wellbeing, while retirement living may focus on the health of their residents or roster planning. As a result, outsourcing ‘non-core’ business priorities can alleviate pressure and drive improved maintenance results.

Many maintenance activities can be outsourced, whether it be reactive or preventative maintenance. Suppliers can assist with landscaping, signage, commercial painting, grounds maintenance and much more. Leaving these activities in the hands of specialist experts can resolve maintenance issues efficiently and effectively.

The benefits of outsourcing

Regular property maintenance improves operational effectiveness and drives long-lasting results. Quality presentation enhances the reputation of a facility; whether it be a school, university or retirement home. Planned work also reduces unexpected costs and allows for more predictable budgeting, improving the efficiency of operations.

Outsourcing to a credible supplier eliminates the effort required to manage these activities internally. Not only does this free up much-needed resources, but it also removes the tedious organisation of operational logistics. For example, if an in-house maintenance staff member were to go on annual leave, this would interfere with planned maintenance activities. Alternatively, leaving it up to an external provider ensures tasks are completed efficiently and without disruption. 

Who to choose

The unexpected events of 2020 have brought about significant changes to the maintenance provider market. There are several suppliers who are struggling in the current environment, which could impact their ability to complete work. As a result, it is crucial now more than ever, to ensure you’re selecting a quality supplier. This means choosing a partner that has credibility in the industry, a skilled workforce, and a history of excellence.
With over 60 years of experience, Programmed have the skills and expertise to fulfil any property maintenance requirements, whether they be reactive or preventative. With a history of thriving during the GFC and COVID-19 pandemic, Programmed can be trusted to get the job done efficiently, effectively and to the highest possible standard. Start focusing on your key business activities by visiting

Our Services

Our local expertise and strong national network enables us to provide customised solutions to meet any maintenance need. Whether you’re seeking signage, painting, grounds, remedial or building works, you can trust us to deliver comprehensive and quality maintenance solutions.

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Commercial Painting

Our commercial painting teams can complete jobs of any size at times convenient to your business, from national scale projects involving multiple sites, to one-off repaints.

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Remedial Services

Our national network of building services enables us to deliver projects and solutions of all sizes and scales, in compliance with statutory guidelines. We provide seamless delivery and tailor innovative, cost-effective and time-efficient remedial solutions to building problems.

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