Grounds Maintenance
October 12th, 2021

Considerations for gardening and grounds maintenance – They’ll go where the grass is greener

Well-maintained gardens and grounds can heighten the value and perceptions of your property or facility. Attractive residential strata landscapes increase property value as well as tenant and employee satisfaction. If you believe your strata needs a garden and grounds revamp, the following are worthwhile examining before picking up the shovel.

Considerations for Gardening and Grounds Maintenance: Programmed Property Services Gold Coast


When planning your grounds and gardens, it is essential to consider the level of maintenance required to feasibly maintain a consistent standard of presentation throughout the year. To achieve a high standard of garden and grounds appearance, especially if the site is a sprawling one, some have chosen to outsource their grounds maintenance.

Alternatively, some properties have opted for low maintenance plant choices such as native plants or hardy, drought-resistant ones. These still provide you with beautiful natural surrounds while reducing the effort required to maintain it.

In the case the property you manage doesn’t have grounds, all over maintenance should still be considered. For example, hard surfaces such as pavement or concrete ground should be monitored regularly and repaired to not just enhance presentation, but more importantly, prevent trip hazards. Clearly line marked car parks and pedestrian walkways further ensure safe environments for residents. 

Design considerations

Having a clear vision before proceeding to design your gardens or grounds is an essential part of a solid grounds maintenance plan. Implementing efficient irrigation systems can save time and money and these should be included in the planning stages to ensure they are placed well and correctly.

Not only do we recommend considering the property aesthetics and sustainability requirements, but also the complications that could arise with residents. Allergies to certain plants can decrease tenant satisfaction, while improper plant placement such as rose bushes too close to pedestrian paths could scratch and injure passers-by.  Therefore, grounds management should address potential complications in addition to its aesthetic qualities.

Outsourcing for success

Grounds maintenance can take up copious amounts of time, effort and require additional knowledge or expertise. Hiring a professional to help design, upgrade or maintain your grounds can help to address these with ease and efficiency.

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