May 2nd, 2022

Finding the right long-term maintenance partner

Before settling on a maintenance partner, it is essential to consider not just existing requirements but also future ones too. These should span both maintenance as well as business needs. Clarity around these allow you a broader lens so you not only address current commitments, but also the potential need for call backs, works at short notice, project management and other aspects of work that will easily facilitate your job as a strata manager.

The correct partnership is like a well-oiled machine made up of a sum of parts that includes the maintenance contractor’s credibility, expertise, offerings and implementation methodology – all of which must be distinctly ascertained when looking for a maintenance partner.

A significant aspect influencing the final decision is often the eventual cost of maintenance, so working with a partner able to provide you with flexible and affordable options is important.

With over 60 years of experience, at Programmed, we recognise that not one payment schedule suits all. Our company has been early pioneers in providing solutions that enable customers to afford long-term maintenance and have a variety of flexible options available to suit almost any need, requirement or situation.

Classic Programme

This is suitable for strata that need significant works to be carried out but may not necessarily have the immediate funds to support the project. This programme enables the majority of the work to be completed now, without the full upfront cost. Payments are spread out and the desired maximum aesthetic impact to the site is achieved, without needing to empty the reserve fund.

Choices Programme

This is an arrangement suitable for strata where there are substantial remaining funds in the annual budget or reserve fund. Most or all of the upgrading work and payment can be completed upfront, with smaller payment amounts in the future in conjunction with ongoing maintenance.

Also referred to as a pay-as-you-go structure, you can decide on the payment schedule and amounts in accordance with stipulated maintenance works.

Multiform Programme

This long-term programme is suitable for strata that have assets in varying conditions. Asset maintenance can be planned and prioritised according to the state of the asset or their specific needs. Payments can be customised to suit budget availability situations or equally distributed over the maintenance term.

Safeguard Programme

Best suited for strata that have maintained their building in top condition. This aims to maintain the high standard of presentation through on-going maintenance.

In addition to flexible payment options and customised work implemented when and where you want it done, such programmes allow for the extent of work, its scheduling and all related costs to be explicitly outlined from the onset. This means that a strata can undertake methodical and structured maintenance without any undue financial pressure.

Whatever your strata need – from ongoing planned maintenance to significant upgrading works needing completion, Programmed can help. Their multi-service offerings and single point of contact in addition to flexible service and payment schedules have enabled many strata managers to simplify maintenance for their customers and could help you too.

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