Commercial Painting
August 11th, 2021

How to get the most out of your painting contractor

As a strata manager, you’ll understand the importance of first impressions. Utilising a painting contractor will help elevate your site to the next level. However, with the number of options available, choosing the right partner can be overwhelming. We’ve provided a few key points to consider when selecting a contractor for a long-term relationship.

Assess and audit yourself

It is best to start with a self-assessment of your site. Be honest with your strata’s appeal, look and desired position in the market. This will help define the scope of works required and identify any areas which may be lacking. It will assist in determining future needs and the resources that will be required to achieve the desired end result.

Survey your choices

Based on this assessment, you will be able to seek quotes that will meet your strata’s needs. Be sure to choose the option that provides the best value over time – bear in mind this may not necessarily be the lowest cost provider. 

It may be wise to seek a provider who can offer flexibility in working hours, payments and ongoing maintenance. This can work to ensure you’re minimising disruption for residents and therefore increasing customer satisfaction. To create an expense schedule that suits your current situation and budget, it is important to find a provider who offers flexible payment programmes.

Request a cost breakdown

Before you settle on a maintenance provider, it is important to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Ask for a full breakdown of costs to compare, evaluate, and gauge the quality of work being offered.

It is important to ensure you’re comparing apples for apples to facilitate an accurate evaluation of quotes. Specifying your requirements through a clear scope of work will help. Be certain to assess the proposed paint products, number of hours to be worked as well as the anticipated layers to be applied and areas to be painted. If these aren’t evident, ask that they be detailed so you can make a proper appraisal.

Price is often a good indicator of the approach to quality and safety. Often, if the quote seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Know your contractor

After analysing different quotes provided, go that extra mile to really know your contractor. This may be through interviews to determine their capabilities and experience. When looking at their previous work, be sure to analyse their ability to manage deadlines and feedback. You want to ensure you’re selecting a quality contractor that aligns with your strategic objectives and goals.

Partnering for success – Think long-term

Don’t just settle on the cheapest provider – this can create more hassle in the long-term. Select a provider that offers the most value and a well-planned methodological approach to long-term maintenance. This will ensure the best outcome in the long term – a suitable painting provider giving your property durable results.

Elevating your strata’s presentation, value and appeal are all long-term benefits that a repaint can bring to your strata. To ensure you set your property up for success, use the above guide when selecting the right painting contractor.

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