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August 11th, 2021

Is painting just painting?

The benefits of painting far exceed just the presentation of a building internally and externally. While transforming the aesthetic appeal of your property, a repaint can boost its overall perceived value as well as protect and preserve its buildings – especially when utilising the correct products and application methods to suit specific surfaces and property types. Here we delve into the various benefits a repaint can bring you.

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Sandy Point Abseil

Extreme Weather

High-rise structures subject to extreme temperature changes or cracks as a result of earth movement require high-performance paint coatings. These properties generally require a significant degree of thickness which can be up to six times more than the average paint product. There are different paint options with varying thickness and viscoelasticity to bridge cracks and aid in water resistance. These ultra-premium products also offer maximum UV protection which help to extend paint lifecycles and prevent fading. Flexible waterproof membranes diffuse carbon dioxide and salts to prevent efflorescence or water ingress. These products prevent substrate degradation and electrochemical reaction which can occur in reinforced concrete. As a result, the correct product and its proper application are key to a long-lasting outcome.

Other Protection

Different strata will require varying kinds of surface protection depending on location and substrate matter. Those in closer proximity to the ocean have greater exposure to harsh wind, sea spray, and bird droppings. While properties located in a city might have to deal with more pollutants and anti-graffiti protection. 

The paint product should be suited to the type of painted surfaces, as wood, concrete and steel frames will require different kinds of paint. The location of these, whether indoors or outdoors, will also determine the product choice while areas with greater traffic will require multiple coats of paint to withstand greater wear. 
To minimise disruption to residents and tenants, strata properties should consider washable, fast-drying paint with low volatile organic compounds. Lessened paint odour equals increased comfort. Premium paints can enhance durability and prevent mold and tannin from developing.

Aesthetic Appeal

A repaint can transform your property’s aesthetic appeal and overall value. A well-maintained and attractive building helps to differentiate your property. Through different colour choices, you can either turn heads with a contemporised building, restore and retain its original glory, or provide it with timeless charm.  


There is a temptation to work with the cheapest provider available; however, this can result in more trouble than it’s worth. The more logical strategy is to ensure you fully understand what you are paying for and implement works using a credible provider whom you can trust to be there over the long term. 

Incorporating a repaint with well-planned maintenance will ensure a sustainable and efficient outcome, as it will assure your property continues to look good throughout the maintenance period. Also, if you can spread the cost of a repaint across your maintenance arrangement, rather than incurring it upfront, you’ll benefit from cost-efficiency too.

It is evident that a repaint, therefore, has many benefits spanning everything from aesthetics and protection to raising perceived value and long-term durability. 

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