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August 11th, 2021

Partnership – The 4 P’s Property Maintenance

We have discovered that maintenance can increase the presentation and protection of your property and the benefits these two aspects can bring. Proper preparation, either through maintenance planning or undertaking remedial works prior to maintenance will ensure durable outcomes. Here we delve deeper into how a correct partnership increases the efficiency and quality of completion. Such a partnership can also yield other efficiencies, especially if partnering with a multi-service provider able to act as a singular supply channel to streamline requirements. It could also result in a more cost-effective approach to long-term maintenance.

Why Partner?

There is no doubt that maintenance takes time, energy and focus. Undertaking this internally can detract your attention from core activities and result in your business suffering.

Even outsourcing to multiple contractors can prove challenging, as you try to coordinate different services, budgets and schedules.

Outsourcing to a single provider who is a specialist in maintenance can free up time and enable you to focus on what is essential.

Look towards the long term?

The outcomes of successful maintenance tend to be seen in the long term; hence, it is imperative to choose the right supplier partnership.

This means selecting a partner that is credible in the industry, has a skilled workforce, and demonstrates a history of excellence. Key value adds which the supplier brings to the partnership include intuitive delivery on your behalf, the ability to help you find viable and sustainable options to complete works, and the flexibility to accommodate your needs and affordability. 

A strong consultative approach from a maintenance partner who is fully committed frees you to focus on other core business activities like revenue, growth, and of course, in the case of strata managers, residents.

Work with the correct property maintenance professionals and follow the 4 ‘P’s’ to maintenance: presentation, protection, preparation and partnership. It’ll help make exceeding your residents’ expectations for asset presentation and improving the value of sites under your care easier and simpler to achieve.

Our Services

Our local expertise and strong national network enables us to provide customised solutions to meet any maintenance need. Whether you’re seeking signage, painting, grounds, remedial or building works, you can trust us to deliver comprehensive and quality maintenance solutions.

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