November 18th, 2020

Preparation – The 4 P’s Property Maintenance

Previously, we have discussed how maintenance can increase the appeal and value of your strata through presentation. In addition to this, we have also seen how protective maintenance can enhance the durability of your assets.

However, it is only possible to reap these benefits if adequate preparation is in place. Here we uncover how to prepare and plan for long-term maintenance.

Start with a current assessment

To effectively plan for the future, undertake a building assessment as a good place to start. This audit will help you understand your site and asset condition, and where appropriate, re-evaluate your facility’s form and function. 

Part of this assessment will be the ability to identify any remedial works or structural issues that need to be addressed to ensure the site and asset’s long-term viability. This can range from cracked rendering, rust and waterproofing to substantial structural works.

Plan and budget

Having understood the extent of works required, any maintenance or capital upgrading projects can then be assessed and prioritised. Any plans to reform the site in anticipation of change or futureproofing should also be incorporated at this stage. 

A key benefit of this step is that it also allows budgetary needs to be ascertained so that funding can be arranged, apportioned or raised. 


Work with a trusted and experienced supplier to develop and implement your maintenance plan. They’ll be able to provide an end-to-end solution that offers multiple services through a singular supply stream, saving the hassle of using several different contractors. Plus, there may be added benefits in terms of standardised approaches and uniformed standards for safety and quality.

These suppliers may also help you amortise the cost of works across a number or years in conjunction with a long-term maintenance plan so that it is possible to achieve all the required works in a proper, planned and affordable manner. Especially for strata properties, this also means the need to empty the reserve fund, raise special levies or obtain loans can be avoided. Working this into a maintenance plan allows the property to be consistently maintained to a high level of presentation throughout. 

Our Services

Our local expertise and strong national network enables us to provide customised solutions to meet any maintenance need. Whether you’re seeking signage, painting, grounds, remedial or building works, you can trust us to deliver comprehensive and quality maintenance solutions.

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Our commercial painting teams can complete jobs of any size at times convenient to your business, from national scale projects involving multiple sites, to one-off repaints.

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Our national network of building services enables us to deliver projects and solutions of all sizes and scales, in compliance with statutory guidelines. We provide seamless delivery and tailor innovative, cost-effective and time-efficient remedial solutions to building problems.

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