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November 26th, 2020

Presentation – The 4 P’s of Property Maintenance

The importance of property maintenance is often overlooked, but regular and high-quality maintenance can increase the value and longevity of your building. While it may not show immediate returns, maintenance will play a critical role in ensuring you always have a great looking site to help you reap greater returns on investment.

During this series, we will delve into various aspects of property maintenance, including its benefits, common problems and what to look for in a maintenance partner. Firstly, we will discover how it can enhance your building’s presentation.

The benefit of good presentation

The appearance of your strata is of utmost importance. For residents, it imbues a sense of pride and belonging. For investors, appearance adds to the perceived value of the property, and for potential buyers well-maintained structures and surfaces present aesthetically appealing environments thus increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

For commercial strata sites, clean exteriors and inviting interiors have positive effects on tenants. These can work to increase their sense of pride, and extended lease periods, both of which contribute positively to long-term profitability.

Ways to improve property assets

Various maintenance activities can be used to improve the property’s presentation. A well-rounded maintenance strategy is one which incorporates maintenance for all aspects of your site and its assets, as well as one that takes a long-term view. This includes cyclical washing, scheduled preventative painting for interiors and exteriors, ongoing grounds maintenance, and constant reviews of signage to ensure these are relevant to current branding and their wayfinding directions reflective of current site layouts.

While new construction and full refurbishments can add to a property’s value, incorporating a full colour change, or repaint is a faster and much cheaper way to modernise and increase your strata and building’s value.


These impacts were found by 162 Goulburn Street, which undertook a full repaint to transform their dull, salmon-pink building into a defining feature of Surry Hills, with over 840 colours.

The repaint sparked positive interest and feedback from the public, while tenants and employees were proud to come to work each day. It also worked to increase their property value by 10% – a strong demonstration of how a repaint can truly transform your property’s aesthetic appeal and value.

A methodical approach to maintenance is sometimes all you need to keep your building looking good. However, consulting professional property maintenance providers will help present your site well with greater success and ease. Why not speak to one like Programmed today?

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