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Dec 1, 2018

Beachfront Viscount

Our project was definitely one of scale and any issues that arose, Programmed Property Services were there to discuss options to achieve the best outcome. We have been very happy with the works performed in and around our building by Programmed Property Services. I would certainly recommend talking to Programmed Property Services about performing major works around your building, including painting.

Michael BardenBody Corporate Chair – Beachfront Viscount, Surfers Paradise

Customer background

Beachfront Viscount in Surfers Paradise is a large scale family accommodation, located just steps from one of the Gold Coast’s most spectacular beaches.

Beachfront Viscount provides premium accommodation and facilities right in the middle of central Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise, allowing guests to explore all that this area of the Gold Coast has to offer.

Project Description

The Beachfront Viscount is a 40-year-old, 30-unit beachfront building that had been grappling with how to finance a list of work that needed to be performed, including concrete cancer repairs and a full repaint.

They found that the traditional way of saving up or imposing levies for a number of years was going to take too long so the Beachfront Viscount team was open to a new approach.

Project Solution

Together with the Beachfront Viscount team, Programmed spent a significant amount of time to understand the full scope of work involved. From there, a comprehensive works document that included costs was created.

Programmed shared with the Beachfront Viscount team that all the necessary work could be done at Beachfront Viscount upfront and that Programmed provided a flexible payment option that allowed them to pay the cost across a number of years in tandem with a maintenance arrangement. 

This cost amortisation solution which would also allow the site to be well-presented over the long term was provided to the owners. It was overwhelmingly approved on the understanding that the remedial works and improvements could be performed and enjoyed immediately – rather than waiting for years to save up for the required repairs and improvements.

Project Outcome

The works at Beachfront Viscount took approximately seven months to complete. There was a significant amount of concrete cancer discovered than was originally expected, resulting in more works than anticipated but the Programmed team made certain to minimise the noise and disruption to guests, owners and managers..

As the works progressed, there were a number of variations that arose that Beachfront Viscount’s body corporate felt would be beneficial to the building long term.  Programmed provided costings for these and assisted Beachfront Viscount to simplify their implementation by adding them to the full scope of works. 

A project of this scale was the first for Beachfront Viscount who were confident in and overwhelmingly happy with the works performed by Programmed.

Whenever an issue did arise, the Programmed team were there to provide a solution and were always available to discuss what options they had for Beachfront Viscount in order to achieve the best outcome for their building.

Following the repaint, an integral part of Programmed’s solution going forward will be the the annual washdown and paint maintenance program. This will ensure the building keeps on looking fantastic and maintained, providing the best possible longevity for Beachfront Viscount’s painting, remedial and improvement works.

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