We provide maintenance solutions that offer long-term affordability, consistent presentation and simplified decision making. With over 60 years of experience, our knowledge and skilled workforce deliver expert property maintenance services.

Simplified budgeting. Long term affordability. Consistent presentation.

Address every possible circumstance for long term maintenance.

Our maintenance programmes – the cornerstone of our business since 1951 – has enabled many organisations to meet their presentation needs through solutions customised to their specific sites and buildings.

Like them, you can determine where and when work is undertaken, according to what you’d like to achieve.

Flexible payment plans allow you to stipulate a preferred payment approach according to your chosen maintenance period.

Predictable costs and clearly outlined maintenance give you the confidence to know that all aspects of your site’s presentation are always well-looked after and budgeted for, freeing you to focus on other core priorities.

How to make Long Term Maintenance easy and affordable with Programmed
How to make Long Term Maintenance easy and affordable with Programmed

We offer a variety of programmes that are tailored to your budget and needs:

Classic Programme

Make the largest impact with an upfront work schedule and periodic payment. This is ideal for situations where a major redevelopment or refurbishment project is needed. 

Choices Programme

‘Pay-as-you-go’, this approach completes most of the work up front, with smaller payments over the duration of the project. This is most suitable when there is a need to use the remaining funds from an annual budget, or the works are paid from a ‘sinking fund’ established for that purpose.

Multiform Programme

Easily maintain multiple assets in various states of repair. Programmes can be tailored to address specific assets as they require attention and payments are evenly distributed over the agreement.

Safeguard Programme

This involves selective upkeep to maintain a facility that’s already in good condition. The work is paid for as it is completed, according to a predetermined annual plan. It is ideal for ongoing grounds maintenance projects. 

Our local expertise and strong national network enables us to provide customised solutions to meet any maintenance need. Whether you’re seeking signage, painting, grounds, remedial or building works, you can trust us to deliver comprehensive and quality maintenance solutions.

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