April 6th, 2022

The importance of a long-term partnership

When selecting the right property maintenance company to partner with, it is essential to consider a few key factors to make the best decision. A partner company’s credibility, expertise and ability to deliver properly planned maintenance all have a large impact on the success of your maintenance initiatives.

There are significant benefits in choosing a preferred maintenance partner and forming a long-term partnership.

Simplified implementation

The time and cost associated with initial set-up, sourcing, tendering and establishing a new contract can be lengthy. A long-term relationship helps overcome this while also providing you with the assurance of outcome quality. You can leapfrog learning curves associated with new contract start-ups and shorten the periods needed to mobilise contracts and maintenance works. 

Furthermore, if your selected maintenance partner has a demonstrated history of safety and service, you’ll likely benefit from efficiencies that will translate into key savings in the long run.

Outsourcing for improved efficiency

Having a long-term maintenance provider means the partner gets to know your site and understand its requirements. They will also deliver better productivity as they are familiar with your expectations or standards, and able to work effectively in line with your work processes. This allows them to be able to intuitively manage maintenance on your behalf, lessening the demand on your internal resources, freeing up your management time so you can better focus on other core business activities. Where their solution is an end-to-end one, you’ll further benefit from having them manage third parties, council permits and compliance requirements on your behalf.

Leveraging supply chains

Building a long-term relationship fosters greater understanding between your business and your maintenance partner. This provides the opportunity to reduce costs by leveraging spend and economies of scale.

While a long-term partnership can yield so many efficiencies for you, be assured that your provider will be equally invested. The same benefits that work in your favour will similarly help them too thus underscoring the importance of long-term partnerships. 

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