February 4th, 2022

What to look for in a maintenance partner

Quality maintenance can help reduce long-term costs and increase resident satisfaction. As a result, choosing the right maintenance partner is integral to enhancing your strata’s durability and overall value. The ideal maintenance contractor will have credibility, illustrate a depth of experience, execute a variety of capabilities, and add immense value to the project.


When identifying potential maintenance partners, it is best to analyse their experience and ability to deliver a quality result. Their prior completion of similar projects can provide an indication of the standard of work to be expected. Experience beyond the scope of your project should not be discounted; seemingly unrelated projects can provide transferable skills and deliver a better solution. Professionals with varied experience can identify the best processes while ensuring lasting outcomes.


The ideal maintenance partner will be able to provide an extended range of services, for example, painting and grounds in addition to remedial services. This will eliminate the need for engaging different contractors, in turn reducing the time and cost associated with managing multiple parties.

The size and history of the maintenance company is another aspect to be taken into consideration. A more established partner will provide a larger workforce and greater access to equipment inventory. It will ensure financial stability, which is particularly beneficial in trialing or unstable times.

Streamlined communication is integral to any task. Therefore, effective communication is vital. Analysing their communication approach in previous projects is an excellent way to determine if they have kept stakeholders well-informed. For instance, this may involve the implementation of GANTT charts to convey critical deadlines or even letterbox drops to notify residents of timelines.


Selecting the lowest priced contractors may lead to more adverse ramifications in the future. The presence of insurance is not enough to guarantee proper safety precautions will be implemented. Instead, choosing a quality partner who adheres to strict safety protocol is integral to seamless project completion.

Before commencing work, the contractor needs to undertake a site survey to assess not just the scope of works but to also identify potential risks. Any associated costs needed to mitigate these risks can then be accounted for early on. Reporting should be done consistently throughout the project to ensure risks remain minimised.

As work is carried out close to residents, tenants and visitors, strict safety protocols need to be implemented. These may include clear signage and a well-cordoned off area where the work can take place. When working from heights, it is integral the maintenance provider always maintains safety, even when utilising harnesses, scaffolds and elevated work platforms. This is not always the case, so it is imperative to choose a maintenance partner that ensures this.

The value they add

When selecting a maintenance partner, it is vital to look beyond the dollar value alone. A holistic approach that considers the presentation, protection and preservation of the building will be far more valuable than a partner who approaches the project with a siloed approach. A maintenance partner that provides a planned and systematic approach to maintenance will allow for seamless execution.

Choosing a quality maintenance partner will free up the limited resources you have in terms of time and capacity. So, select a contractor with a depth of experience, broad capabilities and a proven adherence to safety. Doing so will give you the confidence and freedom to focus your energies on other core aspects of your business.

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